Real Housewives of Potomac – Episode 6 and 7 Recap

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Bethany Beach is where The Realhousewives of Potomac gathered (again) last night.  During episode 6, Ashley invited the women to her husband’s beach house for a girls getaway.

Drama started (early) with the bedroom and menu selection.  Some of the housewives were not pleased with their rooms and made threats to occupy at a hotel.  Katie and Gizelle also started to disagree after the sister circle discussion.  This lead Katie to confront Gizelle and attempt to move past this situation.


Fashion for the ladies included wedge sandals, hats, and over-sized sunglasses.  Some of the wives took surfing lessons while others relaxed and look fabulous!

FullSizeRender-76 IMG_3045


During the middle of episode 7, Michael Darby surprised Ashley while preparing to stay at the home (with the ladies.)  This aggravated Karen and Gizelle because it was assumed that no men were attending this trip.  Here’s the twitter comments below:

FullSizeRender-82 FullSizeRender-81 FullSizeRender-80

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